I to eye, eye to I!!!


I have trouble, mammoth trouble

Being of this world part and parcel
But I have also another trouble
If I abandoned the animal
I am part of and live eremite in the groves and hills
The beast will run wild
Unchecked and controlled.

If I die,
All the same
The beast will continue the guile
It’s theistical lies.

If I decide to stay put
With no power to restrain and mute
No matter how elucidate my dispute
To instil propriety in his turbid mind
The beast will continue to ruin the evanescent
Life of hardly fourscore as we know it.

Let me ask you my friend
Sitting in the fence
We seem to live in suspense
Hype and exhibitionism taken over essence;
What is your and that if mine defence
To stall this farce
We pretend not to face?

Belay Ambelay

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