To those who have ears to listen, Eyes to see,


To those who have ears to listen,
Eyes to see,
Conscience empathy I call!

I am writing to bring attention to the egregious atrocities being committed against the people of Western and Southern Tigray by individuals referred to as “white suit criminals.” It is with deep concern and a sense of urgency that I implore all peace-loving partners and stakeholders to take action in seeking justice and restoring peace to the region.

The ongoing violence and butchery in Western and Southern Tigray, which has resulted in the loss of up to one million lives, cannot be ignored. Despite appeals to the Africa Union, the United Nations, and the European Union, their response has fallen on deaf ears. The lack of respect for basic human rights and the failure to intervene to protect innocent civilians is appalling.

It is imperative that immediate steps be taken to address this humanitarian crisis. I urge the international community to intervene by deploying independent peacekeepers to the region. Additionally, efforts must be made to restore the status quo ante and facilitate the safe return of internally displaced persons to their homes.

Furthermore, all armed groups operating in Western and Southern Tigray must be removed, and illegal settlers expelled. The systematic demographic changes being forced upon the region must be halted immediately.

The current regime has demonstrated its inability or unwillingness to restore peace and uphold the rule of law. It is clear that they are in breach of both national and international laws. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the international community to act in accordance with peace agreements and ensure that justice is served.

The proclamation designed to prevent any use of force against regional states must be upheld. Each regional state must be allowed to administer its own affairs, as guaranteed by the national constitution and international law.

In conclusion, I call upon all relevant parties to take immediate and decisive action to restore justice and peace to Western and Southern Tigray. The time for inaction is over, and the suffering of innocent civilians cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.


Bruk London

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