Between A Rock & A Hard Place!


Between A Rock &
A Hard Place!

It is not an elephant nor an ass,
But a question of two far more crass
Between a thrummy dog and goofy cat,
Who do I get to choose to thrust
To vote for to beget
As my dear vet;
My lonely life to lead
The fragile limbs to activate
Dormant mind to stimulate
In this country of myopic zealots?

The cat is a manipulative marplot,
And the dog a flip flop snob
One time warm one time cold
Obsess with anachronistic
historic relics retold
Lives in the past than leaping forward
Lying next on the couch
Its lordosis hump as I caress.
The name given Biden-beaten
A gramps pretending juvenile
On a pulpit,
Able to perform acrobatic vault jump;
Instead of dealing, might he try,
The Question of Ukraine, Palestine & Tigray.

And the cat Trump the grump
Filled with vices,
Driven with malicious devices!
Do not ask cat_politics
It is not its bailiwick
Just only skylark and frolic!

What a choice,
To rejoice?
I am left with no Voice
Oh Jesus hasten my demise!
I won’t disguise,
Surprise surprise I traipsed
In a claptrap politics labyrinthine guise-
To no end ill-advised.

As if I don’t live
In a make-believe World hived,
Thaumaturgic connived,
Day and night round,
I am stanchlessly doused
With social media vive
Be it Facebook or TikTok
Mouthpiece of a Discombobulated public
That has turned addict
And began on its head to walk
As the Romans turned the Amphitheater
To a liking field
And the Hypethral centre of orgastic frolics
Holus-bolus, a Münchausen wound
Hollywood style clout abound!

Caveat: whatever you decide is fine,
But shun Trump, a rotten feline
And the myrmidon grimalkins
Lock them out and be hunted,
To end up in the alivine
Of a saqumae covered ravenous lupine.

The old asinine canine,
Bite it might try as a habitual routine,
But benign.
Its teeth waned
So also the puissant
Of its upper spine;
Can’t shred and rive.
As I face, you have no choice,
Living alone,
On a time loan,
In a crowded city, modern Babylon!

Yared Huluf

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