Open Letter


Dear H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat,

We, Tigray Advocacy (UK), representing the Tigrayan diaspora, express profound disappointment with your statement dated April 25, 2024. Your remarks, concerning the escalating tensions in northern Ethiopia, were dangerously misleading and erroneous. Instead of advocating for peace, your statement exacerbates tension and undermines ongoing peace initiatives.

The African Union must uphold impartiality and non-interference in internal matters. Your alignment with a particular government violates these principles and erodes trust. The AU must champion peace without bias.

Furthermore, your statement disregards the Ethiopian federal Constitution and the Pretoria CoHA. The areas mentioned are constitutionally part of Tigray, and the CoHA mandates their restoration.

Your consistent support for the Ethiopian government during the genocidal war in Tigray raises skepticism about the AU’s commitment to justice and peace. Your recent statement, echoing past biases, fails to acknowledge the ongoing suffering in Tigray.

We urge the AU to reassess its approach, respect constitutional rights, and engage in transparent dialogue for lasting peace. It’s time to confront the issue directly and push for genuine progress.

We respectfully urge you to reconsider your stance and work towards a truthful and balanced representation of the situation.

Tigray Advocacy (UK)

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