The Hike

(By G. E. Gorfu) –
Hiking in thick woods
I came on a path.
I didn’t know where it would lead,
But I took it…
Better a path than no path.
Hiking on I found,
On the ground, a key.
I didn’t know for what – lock or door?
But I took it…
Better a key than no key.
Hiking on the path, I found
A door. I knocked. No one answered.
I tried the key. The door opened;
I went in.
Better a door than no door.
Inside, on a table, I found
An envelope bearing my name so
I opened it. Inside, a mysterious letter and
a second envelope,
Sealed, but unaddressed.
Pressing on, the woods began to thin.
Soon I came on a well-trimmed garden,
With a towering tree. In its shade,
A gravestone. It was mine.
On dying, I awoke from the long hike.

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