Us vs Them!


(By Yared Huluf) –

We share whatever is on hand
They confiscate what belonged to us on demand.

We offer a morsel;
Share a plate of victuals
They in-turn turn the plate upside down,
In hunger everyone to drown.

We purveyed water to wet their throats,
They suffocated us long and hard
Until dead.

We pave the way ahead
They obfuscate the path
We show emulous
They are undoubtedly are jealous and envious
We live in peace
They stirred trouble and tsuris
We dispose mudita,
They in-turn display invidia.

We build
They destroy
We innovate,
Aspire a change for the better,
They are in a dire despair
Infuse ignorance to gloat over.

We are Tigryans
They Amhara
We are defiant
They are belligerent!


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