Tigrayan Integrity!


(By Yared Huluf) –

If you know your enemy well, you know yourself better and you will succeed in dealing with his manoeuvring.

When do you win a war?

When you fight with determination.
This determination does not come from thin air. It has to have a cause, a just cause that revolves around human rights, justice, and dignity.

There may be ups and downs, bleak nights, but in the end, it is those with the right cause who win the war.

War is brutal, there is no doubt. One cannot fight a war pretending to be an angel. A war is a war; it is about destruction, blood, and mayhem.

The only difference between those bent on destruction and those dragged into a war is that war mongers are always eager and raring to kill and destroy, and they use a war, a conflict, or any discourse to carry out their thirst to kill, whereas the others would not.

Those who live in and nurture death and destruction see no distinction between themselves and the enemy camp. In the end, if the going gets tough, they will even kill their own foot soldiers.

A case in point: an underage child recruited to fight a war he has little or no vested interest in when released by the Tigray Defence Force (TDF). Instead of allowing him to recuperate from his mental and physical injuries in a safe place, the Ethiopian government used him as publicity to egregiously condemn the Tigrayans for doing him the honourable favour of releasing him rather than killing him as a soldier on a mission to kill them.

This is weird. The reason the Ethiopian government did this is to not only appease its followers but to make Tigrayans angry that they should no longer release war prisoners but kill them. If the Tigrayans start killing ENDF soldiers, then the Ethiopian government can convince their soldiers to no longer surrender to the TDF but fight to their death.

Now that 9000 more have been released, the Ethiopian and Eritrean dictators do not know what to say or do. They will probably kill some of the released soldiers in anger that the Tigrayans care more than the Ethiopians and Eritrean dictators about the welfare of their own soldiers.

As for the Tigrayans at home and abroad, releasing war prisoners is not only doing a favour to the adversaries but also the right thing to do in trying and challenging times. It is the right course of action. Tigray is at war not to kill but to defend the right cause, come hell or high water. Tigray is at war not to kill or imprison but to liberate itself and those who are trapped, unable to do so for themselves. Stay cool, do not get inflicted by the disturbed mind of Abiy Ahmed or the mad dog next door, Isaias Afewerki.

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ENDF forced conscripted child soldier Released a few weeks ago by TDF, spewing hate against Tigreans.



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