Eritrea: A Hive of Collective Madness! ኤርትራ ቆፎ እቡዳት!


(By Belay Ambelay) –

I am aware there may be many on this planet from chefs, shoe polishers, priests, etc who are unrestrained liars who wouldn’t feel embarrassed when they spoke of an inamorata with beads of pure gold collected and sold to build a mansion they now live in, guarded by angels, they would invite guests to visit.

But these people are few and far between individuals whom the rest have to cope with, as well as their lies, damn lies.

But when a group of people who call themselves the Eritrean Democratic National Front behave like the individuals mentioned above, one begins to wonder whether there is also a collective madness inflicting their minds. It is as though this world is chauffeured by untrained drivers.

Is there any brain tissue left, worst still, was there any brain issue in the first place among the so-called Eritrean souls? This of course clears those selfless Eritreans fighting for justice.

Let us decipher what these dimwits’ thoughts are about.

First they accused the Tigrayan Defence Forces of conducting public interviews with Eritrean war prisoners against the norms of international law, coercing confessions.

But what they deliberately avoided mentioning is that Eritreans inside and outside the nation kept denying to the world that there were and still are Eritreans in Tigray collaborating with the Ethiopian army of aggression raping women and girl, pillaging stores and homes, destroying property and killing civilians.

The only way of exposing the lie is to extensively interview the captured aggressive elements. The aim is to identify where they came from and who they are related to so as to make it abundantly clear that there are indeed Eritreans operating in Tigray with the intent to destroy.

I personally would not care a damn if they were coerced or whether their consent was solicited. But facts point in the direction of consent. I say this because those who were released included some of those who were publicly interviewed. Thus far not a single one has come out claiming that they were coerced to speak out. I know the Eritrean and Ethiopian regime may hurriedly summons some freed soldiers and entice them to speak against the TDF, as the 13-year-old Amhara war prison did but could not impress anyone with a clear mind.

But let us go a bit further regarding public interviews of war prisoners as a dereliction of international norms. At the Gutenberg court in 1945 all German war criminals, including some who suffered mental breakdowns, were publicly interrogated and subsequently executed. Eritrean war prisoners ought to be grateful they were released unharmed. If an armed criminal broke into your domicile with the intent to kill, one has every right to deploy any means to defend themselves, including holding the aggressor for interrogation, identifying his name, origin and connections.

This same Eritrean National Democratic Coalition accuses the TDF of releasing the Eritrean War Prisoners with the intent that they would be handed over to the Eritrean Government, which, they claimed, had the intension of harming them.

Poor TDF! Damned if you do this, damned if you do that! The TDF is categorised as an evil force for detaining, interviewing, and for releasing the Eritrean war prisoners. There is no rational light c in this argument. This is the thought process of a confused mind which does not know right from wrong, does not know which direction to follow, doesn’t know which way to walk. It illustrates a frozen mind on the verge of decomposition.

The Eritreans came in support of the Ethiopian forces to destroy Tigray. The deal was between Isayas and Abiy Ahmed – a deal for war. The TDF signed no agreement with the Eritreans. Thus, when prisoners were released they were handed over to the Ethiopians as a rule. But the Eritrean National Democratic Coalition does not thank the TDF for releasing their fighters; rather, they thank the Ethiopians for welcoming the Eritrean war prisoners. What an addlepated and roiled mind – thanking the devil for the work of an Tigrayan Angel!

There will be more of these bizarre and convoluted things coming out from the disturbed mind Eritrea is inflicted with. God save the world! Every Eritrean must ask not only how are Eritreans treated but first and foremost what the Hell are they doing in Tigray!!

See the article below from
Eritrean National Democratic Coalition.
‎الائتلاف الوطني الديمقراطي الإرتري ኤርትራዊ ሃገራዊ ዲሞክራስያዊ ልፍንቲ



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