BBC: Stephen Sacker a Scarecrow both in body and mind!


(Belay Ambelay) –

Be woke Tigrayans! There are media predators; werewolves, some the usual wolves in sheep’s wool, others bears in peacocks’ feathers roaming around pretending to care and defend, but spreading rumours, innuendos to scare, intimidate and confuse Tigrayans so as to soften their tenacity to defend themselves against genocidaires and foreign-paid aggressors. This is a psychological campaign to help their war effort so as Tigrayuan could easily be cowed and capitulate.

Journalism is the collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related responsible commentary. The purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments. Journalism is not about making a judgement or the arbitration of cases journalists come across nor is it a platform to pay services to their favours or for the journalists themselves. Journalism works unbiased in a system of democratic governance, free from the hands of politicians’ control, at least in theory: in practice it is another matter all together.

Stephen Sacker as a journalist has failed miserably in his HARDtalk interview with Getachew Reda. Stephen Sacker is no judge to decide right from wrong, nor is it his role to publicly decide who won or lost a war, as he did to Getachew Reda of Tigray coercing him to admit defeat at the hands of foreign aggressive forces. Why is he so interested to dwell on and gloat over defeat in Tigray, beyond journalism, as though he is a paid agent to wave the flag of the aggressors? Like a scarecrow, Stephen Sacker both in body/somatic and mind went further than what journalism requires, coercing and extracting a confession of defeat where there is none.

Even if Tigray was defeated, was it any surprise given that Tigray faced four foreign powers in collaboration with internal forces to subject Tigrayans seeking democratic governance and the rule of Law, which Britain had forgotten and abandoned a long time ago? No wonder the media in the UK is a playground of such arrogant and puddle-head self-serving personalities, among which Stephan the sucker is one. Instead of stressing the importance of the peace agreement and how it could be implemented, Stephen the sucker wanted to highlight the victory of Genocidiares over innocent men and women raped and killed. Is that what the BBC stands for? Genocide pure and simple in this day and age – shame!!


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