(By Temesgn Kebede) –

There cannot be a credible superpower nor can there be acceptable international organizations which could rely on to come to their rescue if they were to fall into the cruel hands of dictators, either internal or external.

Dictators have come to power, and still come to power, with the tacit support of superpowers, either overtly or covertly. It is only after the dictators have established their strength that they turn against the facilitators and begin asserting themselves, testing the resolve of their masters. This is when the trouble between the two begins.

The question: when does supporting dictators work out in favor of the superpower who lent their hands to enable the dictators to emerge?

Dictators always blame foreign powers as the causes of their misfortunes to mobilise internal forces to undermine the internal force, creating a spring for emerging traitors to destabilize cohesion.

They groomed and laid the ground for someone the likes of Abiy Ahmed, having no clue about his intentions to conspire and usurp power, hoping against hope he would implement their Gilgamesh agenda, without learning from their past experiments dealing with tyrants like Saddam Hussein or Muhammad Gedafi, and many others who proved a disgrace to their avowed religion.

What worse could one envisage as a dangerous dictator? Isayas Afewerki dealt with Formajo ex-Somilan Presidentto train 10 Somalian youth as security guards to the World Olympics in Qatar. Betraying that promise, Isayas deployed them in Tigray where about 5000 of them were killed. When Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the current President requested the repatriation of the remaining soldiers, to date Isayas has refused to abide and rumors are that they are now positioned to attack Tigray.

Hassan Mohamed has requested foreign powers to mediate but Isayas appears to give a deaf ear.
It is said he demanded 50 million dollars to be paid as expenses he dispensed for the training otherwise he would hold the Somali soldiers as SLAVES to be used for his needs.

For a start, the 59 million spent was to train security guards for the Qatar Olympic; if that did not happen Isayas has no legitimate ground to reclaim expenses. Expenses used for unintended purposes is his own to lose, no one-else’s! But there you are: a Dictator with a convoluted vision!

The so called superpowers do not help anyone out of altruistic reasons. They do not appreciate the struggle and endeavours of the people to extricate themselves from injustice and poverty, they pretend as helpers only to extrapolate their needs and desire to exploit the very people who are tired and fed up and wish to get rid of malfeasance and greed.

Look where it landed their haste and short term approaches. In the 1980s the Chinese opened up with the ‘Open Trade Free Zone’ to entice the west to unload its cash and technology and their calculation was right. Soon the French, Germans, British, USA and the rest started vying against each other to gain the favour of the Chinese. The Germans started arguing to win German public support, that if they did not go in first and attack and win over One Billion customers for their trade, the English would soon do it and they would be at a loss! The English also regurgitated the same phrases that if the English couldn’t enter the Chinese market first the French would do and they would be at a loss!

All now cry foul and panicking, resorting to picking up the pieces!!

If the West couldn’t avoid the temptation, how do they now blame others for extending their hand for real or false friendship with the Chinese. In my opinion the Chinese are as rotten as anyone else and nothing Angelic about their courtship.

So the Germans, English, French, and the Americans went in droves and no sooner the Chinese came out as winners and moved fast forward and took control of much of the world market.

It is a pity the USA has to be cross with the TPLF for befriending China out of desperation when the USA and others did befriend and handed over their technologies to China out of greed. Finally not knowing to do, panicking and picking up the pieces from the floor!!

If the superpower had the nerve and principle to genuinely stand on the side of oppressed people wanting to get rid of malefactors and malfeasants, then they would have achieved the goals of both the oppressed and their own. But greed and short-sightedness prevent this to be the case.

How could the superpower doctorate Abiy with a Nobel Peace Prize and talk of achievements he had not accomplished publicly bulldozing their intent of greed!

Now, they can only shy away embarrassed that their naked stupidly is out for everyone to see except themselves.

Close to a million people are dead to enthrone a kid with no leadership experience, with no root cause to object oppression, as he feels part of Amhara ruling class establishment and not the oppressed, with no mental ability to empathies with those fighting injustice and oppression but a desire to be a dictator.

Those who now feel superpower are only super power because they have the money and armaments but not the world believes and accepts them as such – superpowers – entrusted to lead. No! It is a question of time they will fall off the cliff. The tragedy there is no one ready to replace. Everyone is a rat at the moment. God Help the world!!



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