Naked Opportunism!


There is a government in Tigray. It is a government elected by the people and has the mandate to govern in peace and war times.

People, assuming they have good intentions, ought not to play with fire. In the name of democracy and good governance they ought not undermine the will of the people. One cannot talk of democracy and topple a government brought about by democratic means, just because one feels one is better equipped to run a nation.

A story to narrate that happened in a peasant household goes as follows: that there were a couple, unfortunately in every aspect of life their thoughts and mo·di op·e·ran·di were opposite to each other.

One day they were travelling on foot to a distance place to attend a wedding ceremony. On the way they had to cross a river. The man took. lead and crossed first, then the wife followed. Halfway through she was caught by a rash of sudden flash food. Struggling to cope but with imminent danger, the man lean forward and stretch his cane to reach and told her to hold the end of the cane so that he would pull her over. Instead the woman moue with a pouting grimace and grabbed a twig floating on poppling froth and with that done she was carried away by the flood to her death. አትዬ ትበትሪ እትበትሪ እንትብል ብፃፅሪ: ንሕልካ ዓፍራ

Just because some detested the TPLF for good reasons if the past, when now they are the only capable force to deal with crisis, that we have to reject the offer and choose otherwise.

Only a person faced with a rash of waves of thoughts to deal with an emergency to resolve but fails to pause even for a fraction of second to come up with the right decision, can blame no one but him/herself. Only Isayas if Eritrea is capable doing that because he is a dork with a dead brain.

Likewise because the road ahead is complex and intricate, it is especially not the time for a drastic change in governance. Furthermore, despite differences of opinions, no one can deny Tigray survives today because the TPLF did not let us down!
How sure are people suggesting technocrats are equipped with and are jannock/honest enough to lead. Don’t we have many African countries, including Ethiopia led by Doctors (Abiy Ahmed), who are wallowing in miseries!

If there are shortfalls now, the technocrats who complain ought to readily provide support when needed and called upon. They shouldn’t wait for a vacuum to be filled – that is opportunistic!

If anyone is working to improve the lives of many. one ought not expect a personal reward in return. Nor one ought not hope to secure an office or fame for the services he or she offered. Let the people who benefited from the services and sacrifices one offered and be thankful in return. Otherwise the people who complain of shortfalls they see, are using these shortfalls as cracks to exploit to make personal gains. Opportunism pure and simple!

That is not the way to go about creating a reliable outcome. When survival is the priority, trust and solidarity is the logical strategy rather than infighting which only benefits the enemy! In democracies you sometimes have to live with what you do not prefer, but the people will have further opportunities to ask for change – that is what democracy is. This government is put in place by the will of the people and we all have to live with it until it’s mandate is over. Then the people have to choose who leads, not you nor I.

Belay Ambelay

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