Daniel turned disgraces/ክብረት…!


If you can’t stand on your feet,
Go nowhere to submit
Yet again as a varlet recruit
To a wolf in a sheep’s coat.

They will turn you into a skeet
Knock you out
Leave you with a profusely foul gleet,
Admitting your defeat.

You would be better off with the old devil,
Than a Predatory multitudinal, self-serving angel,
In a long chasuble,
Preaching spurious
isopolity gribble-gabble.

Grow up, stop being infantile,
Going in circles

Worshiping idols,
Only to cut you into pieces
as a prandial meal.

Daniel turned disgraces/ክብረት
Searching for a new religion to profess: where? You guessed it right…!

Belay Ambelay

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