A bugaboo dragoon born to a human! (Updated)


A Viator she knew not his whereabouts,
Let alone his existence
She came across per chance!

Oeillade glance led to limerence
Shortly after a few somatic brushes
Her back got ramrod stiff,
She could hardly walk the stairs
Let alone shogging on the cliff
She got used to fresh air to sniff.

Her glutei bouncing low and high
Glued Fibulae,
hardly worthy noticeable thighs.
Stomach stretched
Like a balloon about to explode.

The heart throbbing, resting arm
Needed to pacify.

People suspected
The foetus was humongous,
Expanding like fungus.

waesucks. Before she knew it she was pregnant,

Nine months down the line
She went into labour
Requiring Neighbours to gather
The infant to deliver.

Gynecologist was not there
A luxury, a colonial hoi poilli
Couldn’t afford to pay.
After ups and downs,
From within the womb
Attendees heard roaring sound.

The attendees began to panic
A Diablo, a firedrake look-alike
Began to emerge from the labail neck.
They then took to their heels,
Leaving the parturient,
Placenta attached to the devil.

As the Diablo tried to fly
It felt the adipose weight
Dragging behind.

Then turned round,
Whole swallowed
The putative mother hallowed.

That followed,
The bugaboo scurried, took to the sky,
Looking for those nearby,
Spitting fire spray;
Devastating everything in its way.
The Vajra, God of thunder
Gyrated and maundered
Dominating the air corridor
Looking for its father
To scorch asunder,
But he was be found nowhere.

Instead felicitously yeclept Curse,
God sent amerce,
The mother would-be
chose Issiah,
She hoped to name.
What a shame,
An evil omen,
An agent of discord and mayhem!

Belay Ambelay

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