Upside down!


War is peace,
A Slavery, a Scot-free.

An Ignorant is an intellectual,
know-all, none parallel.

A cabal who sprawls,
in cahoots with a moll,
A mensch hooked on a trawl,
To devour their flesh on a silver bowl,
Is a good governance installed.
Everyone need to follow untold,
As it rolls.

An Illness is health,
Poverty, wealth,
Fabrications, truth.

A Minutia is humongous,
Mumpsimus, sumpsimus.

An Ortheopy is a caceopy,
A Skokoom, a skerrick,
A straight thought, a doublethink,
Asthenia, pyknic.

Honesty is a fraud,
Caressing, a goad and a prod.

Swift walking is a plod.
A Probity, a flawed.

A Virus is God,
With complicated codes,
It may seem odd,
But it bodes
Who to create or corrode,
As an Amhara goy
Preaches the hoi-polloi;
A bon-vivant who enjoys
Living only for a day’s joy.

Temesgn Kebede

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