‘Rusty-ferine’, in search of acanthopterygian drowned in the sea of Erythraean!


Don’t second guess go miscued
We will remember you
As long as we live subdued,
Descent life in lieu
How could we forget
Procellous Mayhem you created
our lives ignimbrite and grated.

We will remember you indeed
Even when you are dead
Thousand years later buried
We will remember every strand of your hair,
Every bit of chevelure,
Every shade of your integument colour;
Your eyebrows
That stuck out as spears.

The whiskers,
Look alike that of a tiger’s vibrissae,
It strikes like a mettle causing amnesia.

The Evil looks you cast;
The pishogue you spelled,
Gorgonize our minds to sleep.

The clawed hands you stretched and flex
Our throats to Burke

We remember you
How could we forget
Not for a time brief
You are etched bas-relief
We would as life
Keep that memory
Even as we grief.

We will remember you
Not we felt the blues
Ridden with saudade
That we lost a staid steed
We relayed on to guide.

Far from the truth
You are an evil man
Devil reincarnate
Who conspired
To wipe us out from the planet
Not that we faulted
Nor did we plot
To rub grated salt
On a wound
Albeit, self inflected
And drive you poltzed

But out of jealousy and epicaricacy
of our oprose self-dependency,
And decency;
Anathemas of conspiracy,
Antipodes of your heresy.


Belay Ambelay

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