“All of Us Are in Constant Hunger”


Ethiopia’s Responsibility for Starvation in Tigray
Allard K. Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic • Yale Law School
June 2023

A Note on the Cessation-of-Hostilities Agreement
This legal analysis was finalized in early 2023 amid ongoing efforts to implement the cessation-
of-hostilities agreement signed by the Ethiopian federal government and the Tigray People’s
Liberation Front in November 2022. According to the United Nations, civilian access to humanitarian
aid in Tigray was, as of February 2023, “continu[ing] to gradually improve,” and public services, including
telecommunications, electricity, and banking, had partially resumed in Tigray’s major towns.1
But, serious challenges remained. Aid organizations have reported that high levels of humanitarian
need and shortages of essential goods, including cash and medical supplies, persist in much of the
region.2 One Mekelle resident told the New York Times in March 2023, “The sound of a bullet has
stopped, but the sound of starvation is still here.”3

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