On the occasion of the International Children Day on 1 June.


“Every child has the right to be free, protected and kept safe’’:(Approximately 1 million Tigrayan children are currently displaced!)

Dear World Leaders,

Ethiopian, Eritrean and Amhara Regional Governments aggression is depriving Tigrayan children of these rights. First, we vehemently condemn the ethnic cleansing, illegal occupation of land and displacement of Tigrayan children, adding to the list of Ethiopian and Eritrean and Amhara war crimes.

We urgently call upon the UN, AU, and IGAD and the Federal Government of Ethiopia to immediately stop this displacement, to put an end to the practice of ethnic Cleansing.

We welcome the creation of the International Commission for Human Rights Investigations in Ethiopia and must be allowed to enter into Tigray to investigate all crimes committed since November 2020 in Tigray and the rest of the Country. The commission must investigate and establish the whereabouts of displaced Tigrayan Children, facilitate their safe return, and must be provided with essential social, medical, and educational support upon their return.

The Tigray war is having a devastating impact on all Tigrayan children, often leaving profound psychological scars. Tigrayan children are enduring tremendous stress, anxiety, and suffer from psychological trauma and mental disorders. Our priority must be the return of displaced families to their homes in Western, North Eastern and Southern Tigray, rebuild and open their schools, ensure their mental health and closely monitor their well-being, provide trauma care and improve children’s mental health conditions.

The plight faced by the children of Tigray remains a constant concern in our thoughts and hearts. We will continue to strive for a just and enduring peace in Tigray. The people of Tigray must be allowed to choose their destiny, rebuild a strong and peaceful region and give their children all the chances & opportunities to live healthy and happy lives.


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