Ethiopia went to deep sleep for thousands Years


Ethiopia went to deep sleep for thousands Years

forgetting and forgotten by the rest of the World!
(Near translation of Amharic Poem/ኢትዮጵያ ለሺ ዓመት ስታንቀላፋ)

Autocrats have field days. They get away with brutal misrule intimidating their white masters if they dare criticise them as racists. Out of sight black autocrats Drubbed and exploit their vulnerable subjects. At the end of the day their subjects are roundly oppressed by black and white masters in other parts of Africa alike.

This article is meant for the open minded with well intiontions. As to the perpetrators of evil it won’t change their outlooks. Just as
One who feints asleep, try one night the pretender is in a state of narcolepsy.
Black autocrats and expansionists they do not give a toss about the state of their subjects. Let alone their subjects, they turn as enemies if their own insatiable desired to dominate and control. Grab whatever land they sooner or later inflict pain not only against the victims but will reap what they harvest and suffer the consequences as a ready. This is axiomatic rule of nature. No one will go on indefinitely stained with blood of innocents.

Just like rabies infected dog they go around biting friends and bye passers shorting the days they will stay alive.

Sersadrngel Menas (1550-1597) after decimating the Agews moved his seat from Ankober to Anfraz near Lake Tans in persuit of the BeteIsreal to ensure the land and people he conquered fell under the Amhara rule and control.

Following the footsteps of Sersadengel Susneyous Fasil (1607-1632) continued his pursuit against he Agews and Bete Isreal.
I order to assist his mission he converted his religion to Catholism to deploy the Portuguese he invited and the miser weapons they used.

His son Fasildas born and brought up to adulthood in Bulga/ቡልጋ expanded the colonisation and land grabbing further north and establish Gondor in Bejameder as his captal.
Like his father he used the Portuguese to build his castle and help out subjugating and eliminating the Kimants, Shenashas the remaining Agews.

Once the job was done the Portuguese were expelled only to settle at Fere Muna, Adua.

There is no doubt the Ankoborites were colonisers no more no less the the white colonisers, but unlike the white colonisers the world has failed to record that their main interest was to displace and claim lands they never had the natural and legal rights.

Likewise most white colonisers left forced the land they hope to own for their races. The Ancobirites however got away and claimed the lands of Agew, Shenashas and Bete Isreal as their own God given to these days.

Not only that the Ankoberites also managed to disseminate a myth that they were the direct descendants of the Jewish Solomonic Race, Decedents of God, and proclaimed as their motto, ” ሞዓ ኣንበሳ ዘእምነ ነገደ ይሁዳ: ሥዩመ እግዚኣብሔር:

Ironic enough they exterminate and later the remaining extradited with a cash deal as an exchange, a double whammy , the Bete Israelites and at the same time they claim themselves as descendants of the Solomonic Line.

Fearing the rebirth and rise of the subjugated people so they could stand on their feet and challenge, the Ancoborites also feared progress and halt the nation to move forward. In a few words the nation became the prison of people, who were prevented to education, health care and development.

Hence Ethiopia was known as “the land that went to deep sleep for thousands of years, forgetting and forgotten by the Wirld”. Full stop, Period!


Yared Huluf

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