Antonio Gutteres


Is Antonio Gutteres a criminal scienter armour-clad with the UN bookplates serving him as a passe-partout to ignore the duties entrusted to him? Is he using flimsy excuses and siting charters and articles of privacy and confidentiality of his office to cover up his corrupt and inept practices?

Imagine you invest your life savings to hire a building contractor to build a house you thought would be shelter for you and your family for as long as you all live. All of a sudden, with no imaginable external factors involved, the building collapses and kills everyone because it was build with unfit materials and/or badly conceived designs. And these facts come to the surface weeks or months later, leaked by one of the builder’s employees out of guilt to clear his conscience as a public servant, disregarding his/her self-interest and the confidentiality oath taken. Would that employee be seen as a pariah or a straight person who declined to bend the truth for fear of or out of loyalty to the company?
Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the character of the person in question, should the contractor be brought to justice as guilty and pay the consequence?

Whether the USA spied over the activities of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres, whether it ought or ought not have done the spying is of secondary importance. Antonio Gutteres ought to have performed his duties with a clear mind and honesty rather than complaining that he has been followed while carrying out rampant corruption and being exposed by the US, apparently more concerned about not freely given the opportunities to continue his malpractices unabated. Isn’t it acceptable that the US who pays a huge amount of support for the work of the UN, that they are allowed to identify corruption when it occurs? This leakage comes on the heels of another malfeasance regarding his role in Ukrainian in support of the Russian invasion.
Add to the fact that Tigray went dark cover for two and a half years under his watch and did nothing to raise the issues in the UN, he publicly declared that he would visit Tigray to see for himself; however, he returned back to his office without doing what he promised and failed to tell the world as to why he failed, covering up war criminals in Ethiopia, shows how low he regards his office. All of this poor practice whilst at the same time he benefits from the perks his office provides him; this is a classic example of a burglar blaming a storekeeper he trusted to handle items stolen for exposing his criminal deeds.
It is time Antonio Gutteres is brought to justice and resign the good office before it falls apart under his command, as happened to the League of Nations?

Temesgn Kebede

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