Stool pigeons!


Stool pigeons!

When you embark on to defend a nation,
Your unpolluted person
Expect an attack from all corners,
Proselytised Paid agents, opportunists,
Blatherskites blellums, strepitous alike,
Will swoop down upon you
And slew,
So as to shatter you to pieces.

Stay away from such nonsenses
Who will devoid and exhaust you resources;
Baffled and bemused
To lose your sense of directions.
And stray from your main course.

They are the first line of enemies
Fending the core
To deflect Your spear penetrate
And Impel a victory to score.

The advice apprised
Leave them aside
On the roadside
They dare not venture to the battle site;

They are junks that will rote
On their own accord
As a carrion left on a field
No carnivore wishes to visit
For a treat.

Belay Ambelay

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