Adwa who is calling you?


If a burglar caught red handed
Trespass breaking a domicile of a citizen
Brought to a court of law indicted
For the crime committed
If the recidivist eyewash
And pretend innocent
With a corroboration of his close friends
Who embraced and coalesced with
The brigand in vain to disguise
Facilitate his flight from justice
Needlessly they too ended up in jail
When the right thing to do
The judge and the audience
Called them call it bunkum of a blellum.

Likewise those who who waste their time
Defending the indefensible imposter
Who sat on the throne only to pollute its name
Who sold its invaluable coastal land
For three millions lire and few harquebus
Insidiously to weaken his Tigrian rivals
With no vision what lies ahead
Not only for his victims but also the nation’s interest
Menelik, a vacous poltroon
Bric-à-brac haberdasher
Who traded off humans,
As well as part land/ ባሕረ ነጋሽ of soveign
For liras converted to a few Mariathrenza silver coins,
Was a traitor who couldn’t see beyond the ambit of his septum.

Not surprising, Menelik being Menelik
Is one thing: the question to ask:
Those who wave flag calling his name
As redoubtable trailblazer
Knight of bygone yore
Are hiding their faces in vain;
Masquerading thaumaturgic farce
Of a spineless puppet king,
on the a horse back tantivy kicking.

Call a spade a spade;
Filter right from wrong
Instead of dragging your feet
Out of vicarial greed of gut
You repeat in circuit
Applauding a bandit
Only to needlessly implicated
As accomplice of a crime committed
Instead of cleaning your hands,
Stand tall in grace
You choice to face public defeat,

Temesgn Khebede

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