Bless the Devil: Ultimate Master of Divide and rule!



Those who made a Faustian pact with the devil,

Walk the aisle,

Togated in purple chasuble,

On head diadem with peacock feather tagged as a tail

Take the sacrament intinction served on a bowl,

Proptosis turned red the eye balls,

Heated red with a flamed charcoal;

Whelked horns protrude on the sides of the skull,

Canines debouched interlocked as long flat sliver nails.

Blessed with the preaching of the devil

Vowed to the disciples

The doctrine of divide and rule.

Cassocks laid down lined along  the pews’ trestles

Myrrh obumbrate the nave

oozing sandalwood osmotic smell

Worshipers lowered and kneeled

Arms stretched, palms wide opened,

Faces Welkin  tilted

Hymns bruited praising the Devil

Abracadabra, hallelujah kyoodle

For the Palingenetic miracle,

Come back, revival  of nepo-baby

Beelzebub habbibi- (Abrabic darlings)

Then from above a diegetic howl,

Began to cascade turning bawl!

“thou shall be the master cruel

Thy text book divided and rule

Then thou befriend a gullible fool

Connive and conspire thy adversary to kill!

Once mission over

Thou turn around  full circle

The venal you hired to smoulder,

Till no more.”

“But that is not all

Divide and rule

Is also used as an effective tool

Thou side  with one group and pull

A section of one unified people.

As if thou care clad them with Tuiilles,

Praise them to fell tall

Whilst the others castigated as wolfs in sheep’s wool;

Outraged to ignited with anger fuels.

Create mistrust

So to wedge discord and dissonance

Amongst thou regard venomous;

Their fabric strength to bust

And disintegrate to dust.”

“Thou then sit back on a long lounge

And gurgle thy gozzle, guzzling the lust!”

“One thing for sure to resolve

If a push comes to shove

Thou have no one to love!

When thou are done with at last

Thou take off the gloves

Drive off those who served thou as trave

To their graves!

Scienter thou are, profess no shrive

Shade crocodile tears, pretend to appear grieved”

“Videlicet, you come out as a self serving beast

At that, a visceral  naive,

At the bottom of the list.”

Belay Ambelay

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