A Time for Some Good Trouble


[By Alison Pyle]

This is a shameful
Shameful period in American history
A time reminiscent of evil
When a segment of the population
Looked upon as sub-human
Were denigrated and the other half
Dehumanised itself
With hate and destruction.
A time that called for Good Trouble

We are again in need of Good Trouble.
An administration bent on enabling evil
Deaf to the voices that call for humanity
Blind to the evidence of genocide
Stubborn in its adherence to an outdated allegiance
Unchallenged by a Congress paid for in full
And complicit in its generosity of arms to the perpetrators

Where is the Good Trouble?
Did all integrity die with Representative John Lewis?
Are government staffers the only brave souls
With a conscience?
Where are the Congressmen and women?
Why don’t the Senators show courage?
Who stands for justice and accountability today?
Where are the demands to end THIS Apartheid?

The shame of America today deepens
As European leaders take centre stage
As leaders from South America recall their ambassadors
As South Africa reveals the truth to the ICJ
As Israel wraps the US around it’s finger
And the world is watching
US moral integrity is finally buried deep in the rubble and bones of Gaza

*Good Trouble is a term coined by Representative John Lewis during the Civil Rights era in the US (it means action of resistance)

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