The Strategic Albatross


[By Alison Pyle]

When does a nation choose its own death?
Why does a nation double down on its hubris
Misplaced, antithetical and blind to the evil?
What allegiance is more important than one’s own morality?
One’s own integrity, one’s own future role in the world?
Where is the common sense that evidence shakes in its face?
What possesses a government to sink so low?

A strategy to align with sheer evil!
A strategy to defend apartheid colonialism!
A strategy to discard all its integrity!
A strategy to isolate itself from its allies!
A strategy to discredit ‘democracy’ worldwide!
A strategy to dismiss domestic success!
A strategy to wrap an albatross around the neck!

There is no legitimate strategic argument!
There is no legitimate moral argument!
There is no credible military reason!
There is no historical justification!
There isn’t even a geopolitical answer!
But there is money
There is the purchase of power
There are the career prospects of politicians
There is a powerful interest group to lobby

So, the lobby leads the US by the nose
The lobby voices lies to justify evil
The lobby stigmatises the honest
The lobby threatens those with evidence
The lobby bribes civil servants
The lobby threatens ANY dissent
The lobby pays for allegiance antithetical to US values!

As the US wraps the albatross around its neck
The world watches in despair
The streets shout with a multitude of voices
The South leads with brave integrity
The blind double down with hate and evil
The victims await salvation
The resistance strives for justice
History will record the errors, evils and outcome.


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