Apocalyptic Prosperity Gospel!


[By Belay Ambelay]

Lycanthrope running wild
Maxilla parting Mandibles
Temporomanibular joints swivel
Filaments of slobber-drool,
midair dangled,
Hoping galore of human flesh to guzzle.

Ad infinitum wyvern volplane
With their fangs pointing down
Plethora, of fresh flesh to gobble.

Phelegthon rages in anger
Mind you not of rain but fire
Pounding the earth surface asunder
Consuming everything it counters.

The oceans waves race in loops,
Slamming to pieces objects on its path that stood,
The land people fought tooth and nail to posses
The skyscrapers affluence symbols,
Standing tall
Reduced to rabbles;
Obstructing people
The last ditch effort
To run for their lives stalled,
And turn to no avail
As there will no be nowhere to go to,
Seeking shelter,
Worthy the oprose desperate labour.

Myriad swarm of worms infecting the crop fields
No food is left hungry belly to feed.

To add insult to injury,
Apocalyptic wars not seen in living memory.
loom on the horizons,
Waiting for incendiaries;
Try you might but no sanctuaries,
To hide from the unrelenting fury.

Waesuck! Cul de sac, It is the end of World.
Might you feel abhorred;
But lest you forgot,
The countless sins you committed;
And in your heart of heart,
harboured and hoarded,
Are now exposed
On a heavenly billboard,
Counted and scored.

You are found guilty in the Court of God
Committed to a flaming sword,
Impelled and gored;
Less you come onboard
Ask forgiveness from the Lord;
Hallelujah Praise and follow his horde!

Repent day and night
And make atavistic return
Follow the gospel and stick by its tenet.

As you march, lurch and search
Donate to his Prosperity Gospel Church
From your sins to declutch,
And his merciful hands to retouch.
Somuch so Prosperity Gospel is nonesuch.

Likewise, do not forget
Nourish this man, that I am, standing in front
With a life of comfort
With the numerous consort of harlots
He deserves your pocket, add I might.

You are a varlet, a helot
You owe Prosperity Gospel a lot
And I am here to guide you the kingdom’s street,
If you are blessed in the Elysium alameda to tort

Abracadabra, Amen!


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