Least you forget!


Least you forget

The unfortunate kismet
Tigray fell-under occupation
Despite relentless abient.
For well over a century and a quarter
At the hands of the grub landlords of Amhara Merha Bet/መርሃ ቤት;
Titrated; reduced to dust powder
As they planned and set out to execute,
And vaingloriously their acolytes agitated.
(የበነነ ዱቄት መልሶ ኣይቀየጥ).

This is not a ferdutzt cry-out seeking uhuru:
From an imaginable demonic guru:
Ipse dixit.

It is a fact;
Forby, a case in point
Sinsyne, Tigray was debased,
Black colonisers
To its grave chased,
Tigray is known to house
six military bases,
Armed to the teeth,
Across the length and breath
Pinning down the people to squeeze.

In no other region were such a concentration of army
At a time when there was no
Threat of external enemy.
But Tigray was a home grown enemy.

Tigray was forced to speak
Colonial diction,
When it has its own tradition.
Yet, compelled to observe Amhar’s gnomon demonic ritual fictions.

When the suppression turn insufferable,
One too many Tigray rebelled;
But was repeated quelled;
With the helping flexing muscles
of foreign powers,
Not to mention the British,
And nouveau riche Emeritus Bedouins.

There is no question
Us and them have no shared feelings, bondage and concern for each other,
For in our troubled times time and again,
They did not feign,
To display their pleasure to gloating over;
Let alone to empathise
Or stand siding our cause.

It is time to part
And chart a new start.
To stop the bleeding heart
For we have no more energy
Left to company with a reboant rort
Of rorters!

Yared Huluf

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