Abiy Ahmed must be referred to the ICC


Abiy Ahmed must be referred to the ICC

Abiy Ahmed’s tenure as Prime Minister of Ethiopia has been marred by a litany of egregious offenses, culminating in widespread human rights abuses, war crimes, and economic mismanagement. His actions have not only plunged Ethiopia into turmoil but have also caused immeasurable suffering to its people, particularly the Tigrayan population. Here are the compelling reasons why Abiy Ahmed must be compelled to resign and face trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC):

Genocide Against the Tigrayans:

Abiy Ahmed’s military campaign in Tigray has resulted in widespread atrocities, including mass killings, sexual violence, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians. The deliberate targeting of Tigrayan civilians constitutes genocide under international law and warrants prosecution at the ICC.

War Crimes Across the Country:

Beyond Tigray, Abiy Ahmed’s forces have been implicated in numerous war crimes, including indiscriminate attacks on civilian populations, the destruction of infrastructure, and the use of starvation as a weapon of war. These violations must not go unpunished.

Embezzlement of Resources:

Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been plagued by allegations of corruption and embezzlement, with scarce resources diverted for personal gain or military expenditures rather than addressing the country’s pressing needs, such as poverty alleviation and infrastructure development.

Poor Foreign Policy:

Abiy Ahmed’s failure to effectively manage foreign relations has left Ethiopia vulnerable to external threats, including territorial incursions by neighboring countries like Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan. His diplomatic blunders, particularly regarding maritime access disputes with Somaliland, have further undermined Ethiopia’s standing on the global stage.

Economic Mismanagement:

Under Abiy Ahmed’s leadership, Ethiopia has experienced excessive debt accumulation, hyperinflation, and a lack of coherent economic policies. These failures have exacerbated poverty and unemployment, undermining the country’s long-term stability and prosperity.

Humanitarian Crisis:

Abiy Ahmed’s actions have contributed to a humanitarian catastrophe in Ethiopia, characterized by widespread food insecurity, displacement, and the systematic denial of humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations. His disregard for the well-being of his own people is unconscionable.

Violation of International Law:

Abiy Ahmed’s invitation of foreign armies, including those of Somalia and Eritrea, to suppress internal dissent constitutes a clear violation of Ethiopia’s sovereignty and international law. Such actions must be met with accountability and condemnation.
Systematic Human Rights Abuses: Reports from reputable organizations, such as the International Commission on Human Rights in Ethiopia (ICHREE), have documented a pattern of human rights abuses, including the rape of women and girls, extrajudicial killings, and the deliberate targeting of ethnic Tigrayans . Abiy Ahmed’s lead in these crimes cannot be overlooked. In light of these grave offenses, it is imperative that Abiy Ahmed be held accountable for his actions. His resignation and prosecution at the ICC are essential steps toward achieving justice for the victims of his atrocities and restoring peace and stability to Ethiopia. Anything less would be a betrayal of the values of humanity and the rule of law.

Lydia E

A/Year 10


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