REMINISCENT of the Past!


REMINISCENT of the Past!

The Amhara ruling class were engaged in three projects that did not require intuitive and creative thinking. Interfering their progeny to those they regarded as threats, slave trade and extracting ivory from the jaws of elephants.

Menelik married his “questionable natural daughter” Shewareged to Wodajo Gonena Dechasa only to begot a disable (dwarf) Wessensegad.

Askale Gobena married Ras Aregay Berchere and reared Abebe Aregay, a rushless henchman who devastated Tigray with the help of British bombers taking off from Yemen.

Ras Yelema Mekonnen married Asselefach Welde Hanna, grand daughter of Betul Hailemariam and had a daughter shortly before he died young – Yeshwork Yelema. She married at the age of 14, in 1930 Ras Gugsa Araya at the age of 45 (1885-2/1932).

Three months later June 15/1932 just not to lose control over of Tigray, Zenebework Haileselassie was matched in ironclad marriage to Haileselassie Gugsa at the age of 25 whilst Zenebework was a mere 14 years old. She died 2 years after in 1934.

Zewditu herself was married at the age of 8 (1882-1888) to Araya Yohannes, who died in 1888 from Smallpox. She then in her fourth leg married Gegusa Welle who was killed in a battle. Two days later on April 2/1930 Zewditu was mysteriously pronounced dead.
Among the many wives and concubines Lijj Iyasu had two of them were the daughters
and granddaughter of Ras Mengesha Yohannes, who was unwisely compelled to divorce a Tigrian women and marry Kefeya Welle of Yejju. The first was Romanework Mengesha and the later Sebelwonel Hailu Tekle Hymanot of Gojjam and Askalework Menesha Yohanes. From all the women he married and slept with. His only child, Alem Tsegay Iyasu was from Sebelwongel Hailu.

There is more, but suffice to say, the Amhara ruling class were committed to the business of intermarriage as a tool to drill and bore holes in the fabric of the nations and nationalities they dominated so as to dismantle and disintegrate the social fabrics to control. And it worked, who would have thought a large swath of Raya to be bestowed to Wello as a dowry under the pretext of marriage between cousins, Prince Asfawossen Haileselassie and Welteisreal Seyum Mengesha; a ruler of Tigray who

The device of staying in power using intermarriage, including INCESTUOUS, was not new, the Egyptian were notorious in prehistoric times. But at least the Egyptian were also known in building pyramids, albeit a useless exercise in terms its productive uses.

The Amhara rulers even failed to build their own illustrious sepulchres as the Egyptians did now deployed as tourist attractions.

If anything the Amhara ruling class wantonly destroyed and discourage works on rocking hewing churches, obelisks, menhirs, iron smelting and gold minting, ship building, the Aksumites were know first class only to engage and trade in NUPTIALS/connubial marriage, slave trade and as poachers, and marauding in every droke and crag looking for more land to hunt the near extinct elephant; all of which are archaic chapters nobody wants to be implicated for except somnambulist Amhara elites REMINISCENT of the past.

Yared Huluf

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