An ophidian below the radar!


Agreed!! A man turned biped.
To survive he needed
Free hands to produce and feed.

Likewise, at the speed it flies
An eagle needs to soar so high
To scan a large area in search of a prey.
Hence, it developed laser sharp eyes.
A Shoebill stock
With harden copious beaks
A tortoise with a long neck
On the Galapagos rocks
Its snacks to pick
Rather than waiting in vain
For a lizard into the cavity to jump in.

Thus, the organs in question or body parts
From their origins that they depart
Had a direct contact
With the external agent
That has now changed.

But a creature that nests
It’s head and tail side by side to rest But with a tail end deliberately designed
As a puffed up Arachnid –
Look alike, if you like,
That is made to walk
Up and down as on a spider web work,
To wrap up a prey caught aground;
Is a raptor itself turned a bait,
Laying in wait.

Only an unsuspecting bird to trick,
That swooped down with opened hooks,
To land on the coiled body of the snake.

But how is it apparent,
A tail that had little or no part,
With a prey in contact
Now takes a centre stage,
To detract and attack:-

A part that has become,
Not because of a change that has come,
But by a stratagem,
Contrary to the Darwinian theorem?

Not a survival fight
To fit – but a cleverly designed outfit:

That is:
For nature’s balance to tilt
So as to grossly and unfairly benefit The culprit.

Or are we to believe the preacher:
That In nature,
Endowed are some creatures
With magic bullet features?

Here, Darwinian appears rattled;
This gap how to settle,
In the equation dynamic battle!

Should people wave their mettle
To lean more on the
Science, the Devil’s Spell
Or the gospel?

The story to tell;
Armed from head to tail,
Its prey at beck and call:
Why isn’t it thriving to the full –
This devil does indeed fail
In number so small
Considering the plot in stall?

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Yared Huluf


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